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Local Contractors, Vendors and Small Businesses
A useful listing of local contractors, handy man, yard and home services and how to contact them. Please let us know if you have a preferred contractor that you'd recommend to others in the community. Be sure to let us know if you have a small business you'd like to promote to your neighbors.   ...more
HOA Assessments, Fees & Fines: Woodridge
The 2019 delinquency policy, fine policy, and schedules for fees and fines for the Woodridge HOA. ...more
HOA Contact Information - Woodridge
A listing of some very helpful phone numbers and email addresses for many issues relating to our neighborhood and your home. ...more
The main table of contents for our CC&Rs. ...more
Rules and Regulations for the Woodridge HOA
The Rules and Regulations for the association as defined by the Board of Directors. ...more
Painting Standards
Painting guidelines for repainting houses ...more
Articles of Incorporation of Woodridge Homeowners Association
The Articles of Incorporation for the Woodridge Homeowners Association. ...more