2019 Annual Meeting Minutes


Oct. 1, 2019    7:00 p.m.  Maple Valley Fire Station


Meeting called to order 7:05 p.m.

Formal mtg. ended 7:09 due to no quorum, residents present voted to call another meeting immediately following without notice, to be counted as new quorum per bylaws. New and continuing board members were elected with unanimous vote of attendees. 

2nd Annual Meeting called to order 7:11 p.m.


Leaders attending:

Brandon Whitworth

Randy Hardy

Pam Stephens

Absent:  Mike Dyal


Property Management attending:

Mike & Eydie Leighty



Board members introduced themselves to those attending


Minutes approved (correction: read) from previous meeting


Eydie explained current financials


Annual Dues to remain $350 per year


9 residents behind on annual dues


Discussed possible lien on 1 property - Mike & Eydie will pursue lien if necessary.  By having them take care of liens it saves HOA attorney fees


Pam explained Social Committee & PIC duties


Rental properties discussed & Eydie explained that in original governing documents there is no rental cap as previously thought


Tree replacements & proper placement/types of trees were questioned by residents


Budget ratified & approved unanimously


Fences were brought up by a resident.  Legal advice is being sought as to who is responsible to pay for perimeter fencing


Elections were opened & approved for retaining Brandon-President, Randy-Vice President, Pam-Secretary. Mike Dyal stated previous to the meeting that he would not seek re-election and his position was open for nominations and a replacement was appointed. 

Including Mike's position, 2 Open director position remained open after the other 3 board members were reappointed, however, 2 residents volunteered & were voted in unanimously by existing board as new board members:

Ashley Wise

John Harris


CC&R's discussed:


Possibility of changing CC&R's very unlikely due to cost


According to governing documents dues are to be paid as 1 payment & are due on Jan 1st


Motion to close meeting made by Randy 8:32 p.m.


Board Approvals/Changes (Board meeting immediately following annual meeting)

Board composition appointments as discussed above unanimous.

Board approved audit & CPA for 2019 Newman


Board approved Eydie to perform 1099 filings


Board approved Michael signing tax returns


Board approved attorneys SLP regarding fence questions.