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Board Meeting

Attendees  Mike, Randy, Pam

Start Time: 9 a.m.

1. Reserves amount - $60,000 (which is less than we all thought)

2.  The majority of the meeting was about reviewing & enforcing CC& R's

The items we discussed are as follows & taken from written CC & R's:

Pg. 4(f) Community area

Pg. 6-9 (229) Street trees - any trees originally in plot

Pg. 8 (3.4b) Displays - owner's rights (religious, holidays, political signs)

Pg. 8 (3,4c) Rental units (limit to rental properties)

Pg. 8 (3,4,d) Activities & visible conditions - We can manage what happens in resident homes if it affects other residents

Pg. 9 (3,4e) Circumstances that may cause significant increase in traffic

Pg. 9 (art.14) Architecture & landscaping - no approval is needed to repaint or slightly modify if color/structure remains same as original unit. If structural changes requested they must be approved

Pg.14 (5.2) Maintenance & repair - each resident must maintain property, including watering up to sidewalk, including drainage sections

(5.3) Responsibility & repairs

(5.4) Lack of care for property

Pg.16 (6.5) Landscape/water standards - 1,000 sq.ft. green space/lawn... other 95% drought tolerant plants

Pg.17 (6.5) Water use - mulch - top soil/lawns - irrigation systems

Lawns - Water 1 time/week - minimum   Plants - Water 1 time/month - minimum

Adjourned 10:30 am