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Date:  4/25/19

Attending: Mike, Brandon, Randy, Pam


1.  Estimates for perimeter fence replacement:

Cedar Creek - $155,478

Western Pacific - $89,000 (demo, prestain)

Olson - $74,119 (does not include stain)

Proposal: Western Pacific-Estate panel, demo & stain


2.  Landscape Entrance Median: 

Tim's - $7500


3.  Late Fees: 

Possibly change late fee structure

Give residents the entire year to pay $350 HOA fee

Possibly change interest structure on account balances: Present 10% - Change to 12% - (1% per month)


4.  Board to participate in online Anti Harassment Training  


5.  Possibly dissolve Social Committee


6.  Presently we have no Police Patrols as it is too much liability.


Shop for insurance

Vote to continue

Implement Neighborhood Block Watch


7.  PIC Committee

We will discuss at next board mtg.

How do we equally enforce rules?

Possibly re-write rules?



Next meeting is scheduled for Saturday May 11th. Time/Place has not yet been decided.