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MyHOA-online.com LLC is very pleased to announce our community groups on Facebook! The goal of the groups are to promote community via social media.
The group addresses are: 
Auburn Lea Hill:
Auburn West Hill:
HOA Leadership Forum
(for HOA directors and officers in any South Puget Sound HOA):
Each group is specific to the residents in its respective area.  The oldest and most established group is our dedicated Facebook group for Lea Hill and is open to all residents of Lea Hill in Auburn Washington. The group centers along the 124th corridor from Green River College to Kent Kangley north and south and 132nd to 112th east to west.  These groups were started by Michael Leighty, owner of MyHOA-Online.com LLC as a place for neighbors to gather, socialize and network with one another on a variety of topics including but not limited to:
HOA information
Lost pets
Free items to offer, personal property to sell (on a limited basis, please use discretion on this)
Referral or recommendations of services (sorry no commercial advertising allowed, referrals and recommendations only as requested)
Local politics/civil info
Local events and charitable fundraisers to support local groups, individuals and organizations 
Local crime and BlockWatch info
Sharing of best practices for homeowners
Neighborhood improvement projects
The Lea Hill group has grown from just a few members to 1300 over the years and continues to grow daily. It is our hope that the other areas will experience similar growth over the years. If you have neighbors or friends interested in joining, please direct them to the group where they can request to be added.  All member requests are vetted. Michael will private message anyone requesting to join first so please be sure to watch your messages. Requests coming from persons that block messaging will be deleted.
Remember, this is a Facebook private group so Facebook rules apply.
The policy of the group administrators is that discussions that involve inappropriate language, or content that could have legal consequences for posters and/or administrators will not be tolerated and will be removed if posted. Blocking administrators is forbidden and cause for instant removal.  Failure to behave in a professional and appropriate manner will also be cause for removal from the group, at the discretion of the administrators.  No threats, swearing or harassment will be allowed.
The opinions posted in the group are those of the poster only, and not necessarily the opinions or beliefs of the site owner or administrators.
Welcome to our community, we hope you will enjoy the synergy we have achieved as a community-at-large.